Pewter Group
Copper Pan Set

Antique Copper Pan Set

Pewter Group
Toasting Forks Pewter Tankard 1 pint pewter goblet bakestone Pestle and Mortar
Brass Toasting Forks
1 Pint Pewter Tankard
Welsh Bakestone
Wood Pestle & Mortar
Pewter Charger
Flat Iron
Copper Pan
copper funnel
Pewter Charger Oval Flat Iron No.4 Pewter Goblet Copper Pan Simplex No.9
Copper Washing Dolly
Antique Wooden Bowl Pewter Spoon
1724 Silver Cutlery
Antique Wooden Bowl Small Pewter Spoon
Silver Cutlery marked London 1724
Early Electric Toaster
Antique Rolling Pins
2 prong silver forks
Early Electric Toaster
Antique Rolling Pins
Silver Knife Handles
Silver Forks - 2 Tines
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