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1870s Rare 3 Tier (GPO) Postal Ladder Scale
These GPO scales from Coleford Post office were made in brass with a mahogany base by De Grave, Short, Fanner & Co. This is an example of a rare three tier UK Post Office letter scale, in excellent condition; complete with all four* brass block weights. The two lower beams have hanging plates fixed at 0.5 and then 1 oz. With the top beam pre-loaded at 1.5 oz, with the ability to add further block weights from the base at 0.5, 1, 2, and 4 oz making a total of 9 oz (the earliest examples of this type of scale were made from 1851). The company also made two and four ladder versions. The base is 15 inches (38cm) by 6 inches (15cm) and a depth of 1.5
inches (3cm) with a full height to the scales of 12 inches (31cm). * A small fifth, non-conforming, weight has been added at some point to the scale.
Salter Troy Spring Scale
Salter Tubular Spring Balance [in Troy Oz]
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